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Robyn's plan for 2023

I believe that the only way to learn the lessons of history is to remember and reflect upon them, for it is through remembering that we gain perspective and insight. Without reflection, we risk repeating our mistakes and missing out on valuable opportunities for growth and progress. In light of this wisdom, it is imperative that we reflect on the past year and analyze the progress made on Robyn. As it is rightly said, Perspective will come in retrospect. Reflecting on the past will help us learn as well as pave the way for the future....

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Hello, Robyn!

Robyn is a fast, high-performance Python web framework with a Rust runtime. It has been designed to provide near-native Rust throughput while benefiting from the code being written in Python. Robyn is comparable to other products such as Flask, FastAPI, Django, and a web server of choice. One of the key advantages of Robyn is that it does not require an external web server for production, making it more efficient and streamlined.

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Why I code

It all started innocently enough. My daily routine used to revolve around computers. Loitering around in San Andreas and reversing time in Persia. At the time, I had made a few HTML pages using Microsoft Word and had heard some cool kids talk about some Cascading Sheets. Spending all my time playing video games............

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Writing a Vim Plugin in Python

I love Vim , especially NeoVim. I can write pages about why you should love it too. Python, being my daily driver makes the Vim Integration a match made in heaven. There is one thing that annoyed me when I was working with Vim and Python. The `virtualenvs`............