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Hello, Robyn!

Robyn is a fast, high-performance Python web framework with a Rust runtime. It has been designed to provide near-native Rust throughput while benefiting from the code being written in Python..........

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Why I code

It all started innocently enough. My daily routine used to revolve around computers. Loitering around in San Andreas and reversing time in Persia. At the time, I had made a few HTML pages using Microsoft Word and had heard some cool kids talk about some Cascading Sheets. Spending all my time playing video games............

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Writing a Vim Plugin in Python

I love Vim , especially NeoVim. I can write pages about why you should love it too. Python, being my daily driver makes the Vim Integration a match made in heaven. There is one thing that annoyed me when I was working with Vim and Python. The `virtualenvs`............