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Farewell, Sarthak

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We had known each other for a while through the Indian tech scene and mutual friends, yet surprisingly, we met for the first time when Sarthak was visiting London last year.

Our connection was instantious because of our love for the web, the uprising Indian music scene, our love for the “grind”, achieving something absurdly hard just to teabag someone and most importantly having super strong and controversial opinions and having even more esoteric ways of expressing them.

Sarthak's enthusiasm was infectious. I often marveled how he could be locked in and yet manage to be one of the most energetic people I knew. He had invited me to join him at a music event, due to our shared love for niche music scenes. Regrettably, my commitments to the "grind" kept me away, but we vowed to make up for it—promising more adventures where he would show me Bangalore's lively party scene.

Last week, the devastating news of Sarthak's passing reached me. I can’t comprehend that he would no longer be in London or Bangalore to share these experiences.

Losing Sarthak has been a poignant reminder of how precious such friendships are and how vital it is to cherish every moment we have.

Goodbye, my friend. Until we meet again, save me a spot at the greatest rave beyond the stars —where we'll party like there’s no tomorrow.