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Robyn's New Nest: Sparckles

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Python has long been revered as the 'Swiss Army knife' of programming, known for its adaptability and breadth of use. However, with the introduction of Rust, the enhanced Python ecosystem, has morphed into something even more powerful. Imagine not just a Swiss Army knife, but as a multi-tool with the strength of a chainsaw, able to handle even the toughest jobs with ease. And that's precisely where Robyn fits in. Our initial ambition was as simple as it was challenging - to create an “async and faster Flask”

As Robyn evolved, so did our community. Robyn started getting attention from not only Python developers but also Rust developers. The energy, creativity, and collaboration were nothing short of ‘sparck’ling, a fitting reflection of our project's name. Yet, much like a bird poised for flight, we recognized that Robyn had the untapped potential to fly higher, explore newer heights, and create a greater impact.

Today, we stand on the brink of an exciting transition. We're shifting from being an open-source project to joining the vibrant Sparckles open-source organization. But what does this change mean? Why are we making this shift, and how will it impact our users and contributors who've helped shape Robyn into what it is today?

Why are we making this shift?

Robyn was started as a single-person project. In my bedroom. Out of curiosity. As time passed, it gained traction and saw a growing influx of feature suggestions. This increased interest enticed me to immerse myself further in the project. Many people even contributed some small features however some people stayed for the long term as maintainers and core contributors and I believe that is incredible.

A pivotal moment in November 2022 steered us toward the current transition. Personal circumstances had me overwhelmed, making it tough for me to invest the usual amount of time into Robyn. To my surprise, the project still progressed! The community stepped up, managed reviews, contributed code, and even assisted with releases. This made me rethink the typical narrative of the solitary developer maintaining an open-source project. It's rarely the whole story. We often have assistance from community members whose contribution is equally crucial.

Continuing to consider Robyn solely as my individual project would undermine the efforts of the community members who've dedicated their personal time to enhancing the web framework. As such, we've decided to broaden the horizons for Robyn.

Starting today, Robyn finds its new nest under the Sparckles organization. This move is not just a change of address—it's a celebration of our collective efforts and a step towards further growth.

You can find the project at its new home here:

What Changes and What Doesn't?

Our core mission remains unaltered. Sparckles is wholeheartedly committed to elevating the Python Web ecosystem, through developing innovative tools, nurturing an active community, and offering robust infrastructure solutions.

However, this shift does usher in some exciting changes. The transition to Sparckles is set to showcase the sense of shared ownership in our developer community, which is an essential ethos for any Free and Open Source project. We believe this shift will energize our contributors and create a more inclusive and dynamic environment for future contributors.

This move also brings logistical benefits. All extensions of Robyn will now be under one umbrella, simplifying the discovery process for first-class supported plugins. This consolidation will make navigating our offerings much more straightforward and user-friendly.

Lastly, this transition posits an opportunity to highlight the hard work of our maintainers and community members. Their tireless contributions form the backbone of Robyn, and this shift will bring their efforts to the forefront, providing them with the recognition they deserve.


In conclusion, Robyn remains the same at its core - a project built on passion, creativity, community, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries. This transition to Sparckles signifies a promising new chapter filled with shared responsibility, enhanced accessibility, and deserved recognition. We're thrilled about this new era, and we're immensely grateful to our community for joining us on this journey. In a future where Robyn truly spreads its wings and Sparckles among the stars, we will continue to foster innovation, encourage collaboration, and, above all, empower the Python web ecosystem to achieve unprecedented speed and efficiency. As always, you can find the project at its new home. Let's explore these new heights together in this exciting chapter!