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Hello, Starfyre!

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🚀 Introducing Starfyre

Starfyre is a Python web framework designed to simplify front-end web application development. Starfyre offers a user-friendly and powerful solution for crafting dynamic web applications by seamlessly bridging back-end and front-end development in the Python ecosystem. By unlocking untapped potential in Python front-end development, Starfyre empowers developers to create engaging and interactive applications easily.

✨ Embracing Starfyre

While there have been significant advancements in back-end web development, the front-end landscape for Python remains rich with opportunities for innovation. Starfyre's mission is to capitalize on this potential, streamlining front-end development for Python developers to create captivating, interactive applications. As the AI ecosystem advances, it's only fitting that Python developers have the tools to showcase their remarkable work.

🔧 Key Features

Though Starfyre is in its early stages, we are excited to share its current features and ongoing development efforts:

  • Single-file reactive components
  • Built-in state management
  • Server-side rendering
  • PyML, a custom JSX like language
  • Support for both client-side and server-side Python
  • Integrated CSS and HTML support
  • Ability to write JavaScript, if need be
  • Familiar syntax and easy learning curve

ğŸŽ¯ Future Aspirations

As we refine Starfyre, we plan to enhance its capabilities through several key objectives:

  • Strengthen the parser
  • Streamline CSS and JS imports
  • Div name and class name mangling
  • Comprehensive HTML grammar support
  • Map snake_case APIs to JavaScript specifications
  • Simplify CSS and JavaScript library imports
  • Syntax highlighting in popular code editors
  • Polished PyML syntax
  • Automate client-side and server-side Python inference
  • An integrated router
  • Add PyScript and Pyodide support
  • Enhance Python and JS dependency management
  • Incorporate Node module support
  • Improve the state re-rendering performance

💡 Conclusion

In summary, Starfyre is an ambitious project poised to improve front-end web development for Python developers. By delivering a seamless and enjoyable development experience, we aim to reshape how dynamic web applications are built. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to redefine front-end Python web development. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please join our Discord. We are a very friendly group of people and look forward to hearing from you! :D

Have a look at the project and let us know what you think of it. Most importantly, do star it on GitHub. ;)

If you would like to look at a demo, you can find it on GitHub.